Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A warm Home

WHEW!!  It has has been a crazy few weeks around this little house.  I've had a couple of big craft shows with my little business  over the last month and it has consumed me.  But I'm back and it's Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas and that means - it's time to cook!!!  I'm sorry for the lack of Thanksgiving recipes before Thanksgiving, But I'm going to give this blog some extra love over the holidays!  Now on with the cooking!

Like I said, we've been crazy busy the last few weeks and I've done very little cooking.  So yesterday I decided to get busy!  It was turning cold again (yea!) and was raining all day.  About 3:00 the kids and I settled into the den with blankets and warm chocolate chip cookies and a movie.  I would tell you all about the movie we watched, Nim's Island, but I slept through most of it.  A good nap on a Tuesday?  Heavenly-love a holiday!!!  After we finished the movie it was getting dark and was still a little rainy so we finished up the day with more warm, feel good, stick your bones potato soup.  Yum!!

Potato Soup

I like to cook my potatoes in my crockpot.  I put 4 large potatoes in on high for about 3 hours and they cook really good that way.  When they are done-just gut those suckers.  

In my dutch oven, but any pot would work, I put 1/4 cup flour (Pamela's) and 5 tbsp. of butter.  Melt the butter and flour together being careful not to let it burn.  Add 4 cups of milk and let it cook for about 5-6 minutes.  It will get nice and thick and will be a beautiful white sauce.

Ok, here is where my cooking gets annoying for those around me.  No measurements, just feelings.  You know-that much cheese just feels right.  Sorry!

Add "some" cheese to the white sauce.  It was about 5 oz. of shredded sharp cheddar.  Let it melt and mix in with the white sauce.  Next add in the potatoes.  I like to use my submersible blender to make it really smooth.  You don't have to that but I like the smooth texture.

Next add "some" sour cream.  This is how much I added.
About 1/2 cup
Stir to blend it all together and then add the bacon.  Yep, cheese, sour cream, butter and bacon-can't go wrong! This is what I use 'cause I'm too lazy to make bacon.

I used to dump the whole jar in the pot but then I actually read the label and that was about 11 pieces of bacon and even I can appreciate that that is a bit much.  So I use about 1/2 the jar.

Stir together and let simmer.  Stir often or the bottom will burn.  Once hot you can even turn the heat off and cover it and it will stay warm for a long time.

Serve it up and you get some happy people on a cold, rainy night

Shane and I love this!  I could eat it 3 meals a day.  Will likes it fine.  He ate it without complaint.  Jenny not so much.  I am a big "eat what's in front of you" mom, but this is what my baby girl looked like on Sunday.

She ate a grilled cheese.  

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