Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to feel appreciated

Do you ever watch the show Cake Boss?  Buddy, he's the boss, has 4 sisters who work at the bakery he owns.  It's a funny show about their family and their bakery.  The bakery is in Hoboken, NJ and they have some pretty serious NJ accents.  He has a sister named Grace whose a little bit of a busy body.  She cracks me up and no matter what is going on whether it involves her directly or not she always managed to work these words in.  (Cue the MASSIVE Hoboken accent)
" All I know is I am feeling very underappreciated"

Well Grace, I have the answer for you.  Chocolate chip cookies.  I break these bad boys out and I get all the love and appreciation you can imagine!  Makes everybody real nice for awhile.

Can GF chocolate chip cookies be as good as regular you ask?
Why yes, yes they can!

I wish I could take credit for this recipe but I can't.  This is just the plain old Nestle' recipe on the back of the chips bag.  I use Pamela's bread mix and flour blend for the all purpose flour.  I have tried other flours in this recipe but this works the best.  I like to use a whole bag of the chocolate chunks.  Today I only used about 3/4 a bag because that was all that was left after a big ole chocolate craving hit earlier in the week.  It was enough though and there was lots of love about 3:15 this afternoon.

So Grace, you work in a bakery, break out the chocolate chips and whip yourself up some appreciation!!

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