Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just for fun!

One of the very first GF discoveries I made was that taco shells are gluten free.  Always check, but most are.  What a relief.  If nothing else-there is always tacos!!

So anyway..last Christmas my son was preparing for his first middle school dance.  Like any mother, I panicked a little, caught my breath and decided we would have a group over to our house to eat before the dance.  That way he would be able to eat and if I'm totally honest, I would be able to watch and listen.  I decided taco salad was a good choice to go with semi-formal dresses and nervous middle schoolers.  Maybe not the wisest choice in retrospect but I wasn't thinking clearly because my baby was going to a dance!!

I wanted to use the taco shell bowls like restraunts and knew I had seen them at the grocery near the regular taco shells.  Much to my chagrin they were not GF!  I searched high and low. Well, I checked Walmart and the healthfood store.  None could be found that were GF.  I ended up using the bite size tortilla chips and it worked out fine because it turns out middle schoolers are too nervous before a dance to actually eat.

But I have lamented the fact that it was good party food and it couldn't be found!  Than I came across an idea on pinterest!  And I had to try it!

I used the extra thin Mission corn torillas.  I exchanged emails with a reader yesterday and we both agreed that regular corn tortillas are kinda nasty, but these are a good alternative.  I've used them in other recipes and I like them.

I flipped a mufin tin upside down and sprayed it with cooking spray. I put the corn tortillas between four of the "bumps."  Just like this. I lightly sprayed the tops with the cooking spray.  I think it makes them crispier.

I put them in a 375 degree oven for about 10 minutes.  I did two sets at a time, but the ones on the bottom rack did not brown and I had to leave them for a few minutes longer.

They slipped right out of the "bumps" and made these cute little bowls!

They held there shape perfectly and very much had the texture of a taco shell!

I put out some taco fixins.

Everybody added what they wanted, which for Jenny was cheese.  That's it - cheese.  Lord help me.
This it what the rest of us ended up with.

It's so fun when something turns out good and this really did.  The kids both ate the shell like a regular taco but I ate the contents with a fork like a taco salad.  I did eat some of the shell but broke it off in pieces.  I think it's great for a party!  You could make the shells the day before and put out a salad bar.  

I can't wait for the next middle school dance so I can make another go of it!  Maybe they eat more in 8th grade!

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