Monday, September 12, 2011

Meal Planning 101

Ok.  So I've mentioned before that I was a home ec. major in college.  Well, when your a home ec major in college you take the above mentioned class.  Yep.  A whole semester of meal planning.  Crazy right?  Actually it was a good class and we planned meals for all sorts of things including a thanksgiving meal for the faculty.  Actually that may have been for my "Institutional Foods" class.  Exciting stuff was going on in the basement of the education building.  That's where they put home ec majors.  In the basement.  It really was a blast though!

So anyway.... the point being I had a whole class on planning meals and one of the cardinal rules of running a household full of GF people and boy scouts is to BE PREPARED!  So it is my habit every Sunday night to sit down and make a meal plan for the week.  This is not Earth shattering stuff I realize.  Most people do this, but when we first went GF this was a monumental task.  I will share with you what our first GF meal was one day but I'm just still a little embarrassed by it so not today.

There are lots of fabulous organizational tools out there to make a menu and I usually love that sort of stuff but for me a yellow legal pad is my weapon of choice to make our weekly menu.  I post it on the fridge and nobody looks at it except Jenny who possibly has similar control issues as her mother.

I plan breakfast and dinner for each day and any "special things" I want to make during the week.

So without further ado-the earth shattering, a little lite on the veggies this week, Huff Family Weekly Menu!!

Monday: (This day is not a winner, but we have a crazy afternoon/evening and not a lot of time)
Breakfast:Yummy Goodness (code for sweet rolls at our house-usually reserved for Fridays, but these are left over from the weekend)
Dinner: Tacos

Breakfast: Waffles with the good syrup, bacon
Dinner: Cornmeal dipped catfish, yellow rice, butter beans

Wednesday: Church
Breakfast: Eggs, sausage and bagels
Dinner: Before church: Bagel pizza  After church:  Grilled cheese

Breakfast:French toast, yogurt
Dinner:  Pork tenderloin (Hormel has lots of already seasoned pork tenderloins that are GF), Brazilian cheese rolls, black-eyed peas

Friday: Fall Fest at school (They have food there, but....)
Breakfast: Blueberry muffins
Dinner:  Pizza on homemade crust.  Maybe make your own.

Breakfast: Pancakes from the freezer cause I'm sleepy!
Dinner: Potato Soup

Sunday:  Breakfast day at  Sunday School
Breakfast:  For the kids: Chex cereal
                  For Sunday school: Sausage, egg and cheese frittata (Make 2)
Dinner:  The second frittata

Extras for the week:
Cupcakes for fall festival-I'm thinking cookies and cream!
Try to make homemade goldfish (I found this on Pinterest and I'm dying to try it-we'll see if there is time this week!)

There you have it.  I'm sure you are just blown away.  It's a little lite on veggies this week. But we'll balance it out next week.  Will is pretty good about eating whatever I fix, but Jenny is still fairly new to the GF game and is sticking to tried and true things like cheese.  Lots and lots of cheese and candy.  That would be all she would eat if given a choice so scrambled eggs are a pretty big deal.  Baby steps!

I hope if your new to being GF that this will help give you some ideas.  It is possible.  It just takes time.   

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