Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crankiness, spaghetti and watching your mouth!

Everybody at my house was CRANKY Monday night.  Well, actually everybody but me.  I was just fine till everybody else started being cranky.

I mean I realize that Jenny had a biography to write and that she did all the research herself and had half the rough draft done and had not actually asked for any help but that was no reason for her to get snippy with me when I announced I was NOT doing that report for her.  No reason at all.

I realize that my husband had been fighting a cold for 3 days and had to go to a Boy Scout meeting and lead a patrol of boys even though his boy couldn't go.  I still don't think that was reason enough not to hang on every word I said as soon as he walked in the door.

I know that Will had had a combined total of about a million hours of play practice when he got home from school Monday night at 9:00.  I realize that he was still staring at a lot of homework and had to hand me a not so great math test grade.  But was that really enough reason to say, "Mom, please!" When I tried to explain that I did in fact know how felt to get a *!@ grade on a math test.  Yes I did and let me tell you a story.

I sent one to bed, one to the showers and Shane went to TRY to read a book.  And I cleaned the kitchen and stewed.  Yep I did.  You do it too.  You know you do.  Please tell me you do.  Clean the kitchen and think about all the things you do for these people.  Well, I stewed just long enough to walk into our bedroom and ask my husband and I quote:  "Why is it that as soon as I stop handing out chocolate chip cookies everybody around here turns on me?"  Ok.  So I might have been a little cranky too.  It took just long enough to get back to the kitchen to say that again in my head and turn right back around and apologize.  Lesson: Don't stew and watch your mouth!!

I did do one thing right Monday night though and that was time the spaghetti right.  Spaghetti is touchy sub ject around here!  My son, the one who doesn't like chocolate and peanut butter, also hates spaghetti.  So when he was diagnosed with celiac to sweeten the deal I promised he would never have to eat spaghetti again.   However, spaghetti is my crazy picky daughter's favorite food.  She eats plates full.  When she was diagnosed I promised to make sure she could still eat spaghetti.  We have a pretty strict eat whats made for you rule around here so every now and then poor Will stares a plate of spaghetti in the face and chokes it down.

But this week he had play practice every night so we ate spaghetti and he was none the wiser.  Just for you GF people out there this is our favorite GF spaghetti.

It's Hobson Mills and for some strange reason at my Kroger it is over in the diet section near the vitamins.  It keeps it shape well and doesn't turn to mush.  We like their macaroni too.  Just a tip though. It is kind of slimy when you first drain the water away so I run the tap really hot and then spray it off before adding to the sauce.  

Oh.  And here's another tip.  Watch your mouth and know who the cranky one really is!

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