Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ridiculous Groceries

So I went to the grocery store this evening and bought a ridiculous amount of groceries.  Totally ridiculous.  Seriously it was the kind of trip where people are staring at you while they try to look like they are not staring at you.  Where single guys with beer and pretzels in their carts openly stare in wonder that people need that much food.  Where 6 people start to get in line behind you but then do the slow back out while scanning for any open register.  Where the 25 year old who finally ends up in line behind you and has sushi, a bag of apples and mineral water in her cart openly stares in disdain at the cheetos and fruit roll ups on the belt and you know she's thinking how glad she is that she will never be like you.  Whatever sweetheart.  Here's my number.  Call me in 10 years.

That kind of grocery trip.  The cashier asked me how long that much food would last.  A month? She asked.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I'd see her same time, same place, next week.

I started to take a picture but my phone had died and it's probably a good thing.  It was embarassing.  The poor bagger couldn't keep up.  The cashier was already to 2 people behind me and he was still bagging my groceries while I stood there telling him "No 2 liters with the chips please."  He reached for a second cart and I said,  "Oh, no way I'm getting two carts.  We are making those groceries fit!"  I will not be a 2 cart girl.

There are a couple of reasons for the massive amount of groceries this week.
1) I bought a whole lot of 2 liter drinks.  I normally don't buy any 2 liters, but these were nearly free with the coupons I had and party season is quickly approaching and I figured having extra drinks on hand was a good thing.

2) There was no food in this house. I mean the cupboard was seriously bare.  I usually shop on Mondays, but this is a super crazy week and it just had not happened.  I went to pack Jenny's lunch this morning and I was out of the thing she likes for lunch-pepperonis.  I sent her on to school and made a swing through the Kroger later and took them to the school in bag.  Here is the really bad part.  I walked into the office and put on my best mom face and said, "Here is part of Jenny's lunch she forgot."  Why did I do that.  Cause they need to think I'm super mom-that's why.

3) And lastly I hit a deal!!!  A super deal!!!
Udi's is a great GF brand.  My kids love their cookies.  Some people swear by their bread.  My kids like it OK.  The pizza crusts are pretty good too.  Not like homemade but good in a pinch.  I found all of this on the "Oops we made too much" stand.  My Kroger has it kind of hidden over by the milk case but I know it's there and every now and then you can find Udi's stuff on it and boy did I tonight!  Look at the regular price on the cookies.

Are they serious!!  There are about 8 cookies in that tub!!  Not happening!!  Everything Udi's was regularly $5.99.  Now for exciting part!
That I can do!!!  I got 5 Tubs of cookies!!!  I also got pizza crusts for $1.50 and that loaf of six dollar bread???

Not even kidding!!  My GF bread was cheaper than the loaf of regular bread I bought for my husband!!
Exciting stuff at the Kroger this evening!!

So my ridiculous trip to the grocery store was worth it and everyone is so happy there is food in the cupboard and I can pack full lunches tomorrow, and that's good because I can't go back in the office and fib about her lunch again.  The Shame!!!

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